I'm Kathryn Moulison (she/her), but you can call me Katie. I am passionate about helping my clients find the right strategies to get their lives back.  I have seen the impact that persistent pain has and don't want anyone to suffer longer than they need to.  


I am committed to life long learning, in all realms of life:

  • Perfecting the art of baking sourdough bread

  • Pursuing continuing education in pain science

  • Finding new ways to train my rescue dogs Sunny and Maggie

  • Teaching yoga and taking yoga to expand my practice

  • Reading

  • Listening to podcasts to find new strategies to take care of my own health as well as support my clients.

I have been there done that when it comes to pain running my life, and I want to help others find the same freedom.


Now I know we first have to make peace with pain and stop living life like it's a battle. This is why I support busy people to find the opportunity for freedom from persistent pain through being present and mindful.

When I was in grad school, the long hours in the library and studying in less than ideal positions, in addition to stress, took a toll on me. I had headaches nearly everyday for the first two years.

I was frustrated, disappointed, and overwhelmed. I was doing everything I thought I should be doing.


I knew something had to change, I just couldn’t figure out what. Everything I was doing felt like a bandaid.


I moved through my final clinical rotations and board exams and started my first job as a physical therapist. Looking back, I can’t pinpoint exactly when my headaches all but disappeared, but it was somewhere around that time of transition. Like many people, once the pain was gone, I didn’t give it much more thought. Several years down the line in my PT career, I started to get headaches pretty frequently again.

The intermittent periods of headaches and hip pain came and went for a few years. I would stress to figure out what to do about it when I had pain, then I would forget it and move on when it would (for no reason I could see) go away.


Then I went through a period of significant stress in my life. I started to get more headaches, more hip pain, and even lower back pain. I knew my stress was contributing to my pain.


I continued to try to do the same things for my pain I had been doing for years. I was getting short-term relief at best. All the stress I was under was taking a significant toll on my mental health, and I was "forced" to focus on strategies for improving my mental health.


I realized that as I focused on my mental health, my pain improved too. While I had been reading about the mind body connections for years through my professional work, yoga teaching, and personal interest - I was just now making the connection in my own life.


This is when I realized:

  • That living a life with freedom from pain is more than just treatment modalities

  • That there is an easier, more efficient way

  • That there is a way that is more than a bandaid

  • That there is a way that is accessible to everyone even if you have limited resources (time, energy, finances etc.)

After nearly a decade of practice I had recognized there was a disconnect between what I was doing with my clients, and what I now believed they needed.


I decided to further my education about pain and pursued a therapeutic pain specialist certification program. Which helped me expand my knowledge and bridge the gap between the mind body connection in pain. Now what I do, and what I believe my clients need are the same thing.

(If you are interested in technical details - here is a link to my educational background)