I'm Kathryn Moulison (she/her), but you can call me Katie. I've been a physical therapist since 2011 and I'm passionate about helping my clients find the right strategies to get their lives back.  I have seen the impact that persistent pain has and don't want anyone to suffer longer than they need to.  

I believe in the power of education. 


I am committed to life long learning - from learning to bake sourdough bread to pursuing a therapeutic pain specialist certification; from finding ways to train my rescue dog, a chocolate lab named Maggie, to teaching yoga; or reading or listening to podcasts to find new strategies to take care of my own health as well as support my clients.


I know the evidence that education alone, about why you have pain and what can be done about it, can help you feel better. 

The way I provide physical therapy may be a little different than what you are used to. I meet you where you are, literally and figuratively.

Since we know how powerful education can be, and I empower my clients to take an active role in their own health, you can receive excellent care even if we aren't in the same room.  If we mutually decide that you require in person care or hands on treatment, or if you don't like telehealth, I can come to you in your home or office. 


I want to make it easy for my clients to get the support they need to live their fullest lives.

During your first visit, I may not talk much, because I want to hear your story.  I want to know what you are feeling, how it impacts your life, and what your goals are. From there we will talk about what we can do to get you on the path of feeling better, starting from where you are.

Email: katie@kmoulisonpt.com

Tel: (978) 631-0644

Fax: (978) 267-6634

Serving North Reading, Reading, Lynnfield, Wakefield, and surrounding towns for in person services

Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire for telehealth services

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