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Hi there! I'm Katie and I look forward to helping you move from pain, to peace

I have been there done that when it comes to pain running my life, and I want to help others find the same freedom. 

Now I know we first have to make peace with pain and stop living life like it's a battle. This is why I support busy individuals to find the opportunity for freedom from persistent pain through being present and mindful. 

I am a pain science specialist helping people see that there's a science to finding freedom from pain, but everyone's science is unique.

Many people believe that taking control over persistent pain is just not possible. But I know and believe that with support that meets you where you are, you can integrate simple practices into your life that help you find peace and freedom from pain mentally and physically.

I blend my backgrounds in physical therapy, work as a therapeutic pain specialist, and a yoga teacher with my personal experience finding freedom from persistent hedaches and pain. I know firsthand what it's like to break out of the physical, mental, and spiritual entrapment of pain. 

I look forward to helping guide you from feeling overwhelmed by headaches to integrate simple strategies to live a life unrestrained by pain