On Doing "Nothing"

We live in a culture of do more, keep going, check more boxes, when you reach a goal set a new one.

Have you had any of these thoughts?

  • “I feel guilty the moment I do something for myself”

  • “If I don’t do everything on my to do list, I have failed”

  • “There is too much to do I don’t have time to do anything for myself”

  • “I’d love to do yoga/read a book/take a walk/nap in the sun but I have to be productive with my time”

I hear these all the time from my clients. You are not alone in feeling this way. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way! What if you looked at it another way?

How do you feel when you focus on checking boxes and don’t do the things you want to do for you?

I don’t like to make assumptions - but I am a human who has worked with many other humans and I am guessing that you feel pretty lousy. Do you feel tired? Irritable? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

Is this how you want to feel? What if you could find ways to take five minutes of your time and change the way you feel?

  • Spending five minutes in a restorative yoga pose is not “skipping exercise” or “being lazy” … it is productively using your time to nourish your body

  • Sitting outside for five minutes with your cup of coffee is not “wasting time” … it is taking the time to mindfully enjoy your coffee

  • Choosing to hold off on one more task, and instead take a short walk with your dog is not “failing” … it is acknowledging that your brain needs a break, while also giving your body what it needs and deserves

Rest time and playtime are something to do. They belong on the list too! Give yourself the gift of acknowledging them as the productive tasks that they are.

When you live life constantly going from one task to another your nervous system gets overwhelmed. This is when you start to feel fatigue, headaches, pain, irritability, and difficulty concentrating (among many other things). And it’s okay to choose to not stay stuck in that path.

If you feel like you need more personalized guidance, I do offer free 30minute strategy sessions where we can get clear on where you want to be, what is getting in the way of getting there, and how you can find a clear path forward. That can be scheduled here.

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